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Who We Are

Sargent Construction Company was founded in 1973 by Donald and Barbara Sargent. Don was an iron worker by trade since the early 60’s. His career had allowed him to work on such projects as Tom Sauk reservoir, Pea Ridge mine, St. Louis Arch and many projects across the country when he traveled as far as South Dakota and Wyoming. The early 70’s were a tough business climate with high interest rates and inflation. However Don started the company in March 1973 signing as a representative with Star Metal Building Systems and purchasing a new Allis Chalmer’s 21’ straight mast forklift. The office was not elaborate but conveniently located in the basement of their residence.

Current Projects

Star Business Solutions
100' x 50' Building
Farmington, MO
Williams Patent
60' x 121' Building
Arnold, MO
San Val, Inc.
115' x 44' Building
Farmington, MO