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  The Political Scene
Rumsfeld Resigns Office

The improbable restoration of Donald H Rumsfeld to the seat of American militar power was consummated on a cold Friday afternoon in January, 2001, when he was welcomed back to the Pentagon with a full-honors review. The ceremony, a ritual display of martial pomp and fanfare, was staged on th River Parade Field, the vast lawn on th Potomac side of the Pentagon, where Rumsfel had been welcomed as Gerald Ford’s Defens Secretary a quarter century earlier.
Stock Market Rise
The largest single day rise in more than 3 years
Night Train to Frankfurt
They were going down to boil Dorothy's blood. Take it out. Heat it. Put it back.
  The Critics
Wilson Administration
A play so good you will think it is a dream. But it isn't. It is a play.
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Believe it or Not
This will blow your mind. I mean really. You need to read this. Seriously.
  Film File
A Good Year
Large collection of reviews for short films.