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Teaching Philosophy

The goal is the acquisition, development, and integration of relevant skills into the student’s existing practice with an emphasis on the development of student’s conceptual, formal, technical, and critiquing abilities. It is essential to expose the student to and let the student explore contemporary practice through research and presentation.

The student will develop his/her own work, critique his/her fellow students’ work, and become aware of practices and artwork outside the classroom. The student will also learn to integrate and implement traditional hand-skills with digital techniques.

Student work evaluation is based upon the development of the underlying ideas (concept), effectiveness of their realization (technique), and on the quality of the project itself (form). Projects that fulfill all of the assignment’s basic parameters and are average in concept, form, and technique will earn a grade of C. Projects that go beyond the basic parameters of the assignment and are above–average in concept, form, or technique will earn a grade of B. Outstanding work that attains conceptual, technical, and formal excellence will receive an A. As class participation and awareness of work outside one‘s own is essential to learning, the instructor reserves the right to adjust individual project grades based upon individual attendance and contributions to class critiques.